Vancouver Engagement Shoot by Edward Lai Photography
Vancouver Engagement Shoot | Edward Lai Photography | Joy Wed blog

So I must admit, until it came time to create this post I hadn't actually read the back story for this submission {I loved the images so much, I didn't need to}, well let me tell you, I was really surprised {and heartbreakingly saddened} to learn that these two beautiful people, are models!!! {I like to believe in my romantic heart that after this shoot Maddy + Luc fell in love and lived happily ever after}. This shoot was created by the very talented Edward Lai Photography to inspire brides and grooms and to show them how you can have a natural vintage look to your engagement pictures all the while having tons of fun. Well done Edward, well done!!

From Edward Lai: "For our stylized engagement shoot we wanted a 1940's courtship vibe, almost one that you saw in The Notebook. Maddy and Luc were young lovers, innocent yet passionate in love. Their playfulness showed how young they were, but the look in Luc's eyes when his met Maddy's, let you know the seriousness of his heart".