Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains Engagement Session by Vitaly Ageev

We are constantly in awe of the beauty that we receive daily and the opportunity that it allows us. The opportunity to journey through another time and place. To be a part of so many beautiful stories and to truly share in their love. This love story, captured beautifully by Vitaly Ageev, has taken us to the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains of the Ukraine and we are simply in awe!

From photographer Vitaly Ageev: We had an excellent time shooting this engagement session in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. It was quite a journey for inspiration. We walked about 100 kilometers, and up to 1,800 meters above sea level to do this shoot.

Photography: Vitaly Ageev | Dress: Cathy Telle 

My name is Vitaly and I am fond of photography. I was born in the south of Belarus in the city of Gomel. I have taken a great interest in photography since the school years. With the course of time, my hobby has transformed into a lifestyle. Another thing I like is traveling, visiting new places, meeting people. But what is really important for me, is getting to know the stories of their lives and to visualize them by means of my pictures. I do my best not only to record the instant moments, but to portray the whole life story at the image. That is why I have chosen weddings, as the main object of my specialization. Capturing weddings, the most important and moving moments of the newly-born family, I do what I really love. Watching couples celebrate their commitment is my best inspiration ever!

Being a fine-art film photograper, I make my photos tender, airy and warm. I use film camera, that conveys a special atmosphere of the events. My aim is to create genuine images, that tell the story of your love and legacy, while capturing those quite and intimate moments. Hope, you will like my works!
— Vitaly Ageev