Trendy Engagement Session by Lisa Klassen

Welcome back! We have spent some much needed time enjoying our families and the holiday season and now we are super excited to be back and kicking off this amazing week with this gorgeous engagement session by It List Member Lisa Klassen. These two cuties are the talented team behind JL Photo and we are completely in LOVE with their trendy meets hipster meets hippie style. These two bring couple goals to a whole new level!!

From photographer Lisa Klassen: Julia and Lucas are the crazy talented photography duo behind JL Photo in Regina, Saskatchewan.  I met them at this cool little downtown vegetarian diner;  Hunter Gatherer, which is a place they frequent and would be a unique location to start off their engagement session.  Being able to capture that honest raw unscripted emotion they have for one another makes me love what I do as both an artist and photographer.  It was a calm, chilly, moody winter day in Wascana Park in Regina but these two were so natural and comfortable on the other side of the lens! I love capturing the connection that couples share with each other, those raw, unscripted moments that really tell a story of love and life.  I always prefer to shoot just the people, I have never been one for props of fuss, simple beautiful compositions are always my favourite and choose to keep my style simple and elegant.