Trendy Anniversary Session by Savan Photography
Life had broken her; just as it had broken him. But when they got together, their pieces became whole. And they continued on their journey, together, mended as one.
— Steve Maraboli

Life's journey is often a beautiful collaboration of chance encounters that are created to lead us to our ultimate destiny. Our destiny which can be found in the soul of another. Destined to find other each other no matter what circumstances life guides us through. And as we find each other, we ultimately find ourselves. And as we grow, we grow together knowing that we now get to walk together with the person whom our souls belong. Today's couple, captured beautifully through life's greatest moments by Savan Photography, are the perfect portrayal of life's greatest adventure. 

From photographer Savan Crutchfield: "This couple is absolutely made for each other.  They are life loving, major foodies, love fashion and art, but most importantly they are so in love and very humble.

I am so blessed to have documented their love from engagement session, wedding and now their first anniversary session. We have also become good friends through this process and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them!"

I shoot FILM. Old school, but the best school. Within the saturated photography world, 99% of photographer shoots digital and its so rare to find someone who still shoots film. Its so different and special I guess that’s what makes my work more unique and refined. As much as I love and adore Film I also depend on digital for the fast pace wedding day and low light situations.

I’m fully taken by FILM photography. The richness, colors, depth, tones (don’t even get me started on skin tones) and dynamic range. The true to life tangible image that was stamped on film vs. a JPEG file.

You choose me because you want soul and meaning behind each photo from the smallest details to the biggest smiles. I want to curate timeless images for you and your family the best way that I know how which is completely on FILM.
— Savan Crutchfield