Sweet Backyard Engagement Session by Justine Wright Photography
It’s that once in a lifetime connection, the ones that make you feel more alive just sitting next to them; even the silence is comfortable because you feel more complete in their presence. I don’t know what it is about him…only that when I look into his eyes I see a reflection of my soul staring back at me.
— n.r. hart

Comfort, the knowledge that no matter where life takes you, it will take you together. Real love has a way of making that journey one full of excitement and contentment. The balance between the two becomes like two lovers dancing in the night. Full of love, full of passion and full of the realization that this moment in time is everything you've ever dreamed possible. Today's sweet Backyard Engagement Session, captured by Justine Wright Photography, is the perfect depiction of this beautiful dance. 

From photographer Justine Wright: When my husband's old college roommate and dear friend asked us to captured his wedding day we were elated. Evan and his beautiful bride-to-be, Kayla, are as good as people come.

The couple had their hearts set on a simple engagement in the countryside at Evan's childhood home. Although the weather in the Midwest can be finicky, the sun was shining bright for us this evening as we wandered around the property with dos Maggie, and, unexpectedly his parents barn cats! For the bulk of the session Kayla wore a gorgeous sheer maxi dress with lace detail while Evan sported a classic blue button-up and khaki combo. I just love how their outfits complimented the scenery around us.

After awhile they changed into something more casual and we brought Maggie into the mix. Including their beloved pup in the session made the images much more meaningful as she plays a huge part in their lives together.


Photographer: Justine Wright Photography | Scans: The FIND Lab | Dress: MOD

When it comes to photography, I’m a sucker for soft light, natural tones, and those candid, in-between moments that tell your story. I firmly believe that the best way for me to tell your story is to know it, first - so. I’m going to want to know alllllll about you and your vision before we actually work together! While I believe that a good photograph should be aesthetically pleasing, I believe that a great photograph should evoke emotion... so when I click my shutter, I strive to create images that give you #allthefeels (today and every day).
— Justine Wright