Hawaiian Sunset Elopement by Kerry Jeanne Photography
The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.
— Cornelia Funke

The ocean has a way of leaving us breathless, wondering and longing for more. The depth of it stirring emotions within us allowing for reflection and gratitude. Love, the strongest emotion of all, finds itself on full display today in this beautiful Hawaiian Sunset Elopement from Kerry Jeanne Photography

From photographer Kerry Langel: "The ocean and the sea have always captivated my imagination and I wanted to put together a small elopement styled shoot to capture the wild beauty that is the North Shore of O'ahu. The main piece I knew I wanted was the gorgeous Juliet Cap veil from The Veiled Beauty. It's not often that you see this style of veil used in beaches weddings, but I knew it would be the right fit to add an air of old world elegance to an otherwise tropical location. The dress was my second favorite - A gorgeous lace trimmed piece from Sarah Janks. The straps made it sensible for a modern beach wedding, but the lace and beaded details elevated the look to fit the veil without overwhelming the bride. I didn't realize it until I saw the photos afterward that the lace and beading looks a bit like mermaid scales and shells. 

To finish the bride's look, we had Alex of Blush Beauty Styling give her a sunkissed glow and tousled, yet romantic waves and gave her an equally sunny bouquet from Passion Root florals. 

I had in mind a vision that brides can have a beach wedding with all the elegance and romance of a whirlwind European wedding and still have it look effortless and I think my amazing team knocked it out of the park!


Photographer: Kerry Jeanne Photography | Film Scans: Photovision Prints | Model: @michaelaspaulding & Jake | Florals: Passion Roots | Gown: Sarah Janks via Love and Lace | Veil: Veiled Beauty | Hair & Makeup: Blush Makeup & Hair

I shoot both digital and film, though I prefer film because it allows me to slow down and create a mood and a moment that looks and feels like poetry in motion.
— Kerry Langel