Sunny California Engagement Session by Mink Photography
Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we’ve found each other ... I know I’ve spent each life before this one searching for you. Not someone like you but you, for your soul and mine must always come together.
— Nicholas Sparks

Destined encounters. Moments in which we give control to the universe and trust that what is to come will be the greatest adventure of all. We take that step towards our future, often uncertain and wavering, only to discover a journey abounding with more love then we dreamed possible. Matt and Victoria's love story is one of true destiny and the love these two share is visible in ever beautiful images captured by Mink Photography.

How they met: We're from the same hometown but didn't really "meet" until college when he was visiting friends at Penn State Labor Day weekend. My friend (who went to high school with Matt) was having a party and he and all his friends showed up. EVERY girl at the party was immediately in love with him. I remember it kind of like a movie where you lock eyes from across the room but I'm sure it was more like a drunken stumble towards each other. He had planned on leaving the next day, but decided to stay an extra night so we could hangout again, and the rest is history.

His engagement story: "The proposal all started with a trip to Sedona, AZ for Victoria's belated birthday gift. Sedona has held a special place in our hearts since our road trip out to CA five years ago. We fell in love with the atmosphere and figured why not go back for a second round. The trip started on a Thursday night after work - we thought it would be a good idea to drive through the desert during the night so we could wake up Friday in Sedona with a full weekend ahead of us. Little did we know the drive was going to be a brutal 9 hours! First thing Friday morning, we found the Airplane Loop vortex that had some of the greatest views of the trip. This hike was only about 3 miles, but it seemed like it would never end. Although this was a great start it felt too soon to propose and I put it off, knowing there was more to come. The next day we had a sunset Pink Jeep tour that we were super excited about! Again, this seemed like a great time to bring the ring, but I figured it was a bad idea to have it while we were jostled around in a Jeep. The last and final day, we got roped into a timeshare presentation that took hours! Once that horrible experience was over, I was eager to get in one last hike. We checked out a new spot that had a spectacular view with an old bridge - the perfect place to wrap up the trip. We hiked for a little while along a creek and we decided to call it quits shortly after. As we were walking back up the trail I realized it was now or never. The trail was relatively packed which is not what I was hoping for. Once the people had cleared, I reached into the bookbag while Victoria was taking a picture and grabbed the ring. I nervously got down on my knee as Victoria turned around and asked if she would spend the rest of her life with me... she said yes.

I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot in both digital and film. It may be surprising to learn that in the age of instant digital photography, some photographers still choose to go it the old fashioned way, but I have always valued the timeless look of film and the colors it produces. My style of photography is one that celebrates the naturalness of purely unique, unrepeatable moments. Rather than relying on tired, overused poses, I encourage my couples to move intuitively and be themselves in front of the camera.

Each couple I work with inspires me in different ways, pushing me to new heights. I believe that the trust between photographer and subject, as the two coauthor a story through images captured, is what this art form is all about.
— Alicia Mink