Sun-drenched Engagement Session by Abbey Leigh Photography
Eyes like hers can burn a heart to ashes and turn a universe upside down. Eyes like hers can make a soul fall in love with no turning back.
— Maram Rimawi

To find ones soulmate, the answer to their every desire, is to find a diamond in life’s often messiness. Life’s simplest moments should be filled with joy, laughter and romance and when experienced with our favorite person beside us, everything is brighter and more alive. Josie and Caitlin are so full of love for each other its palpable and we are honored to share their beautiful story today captured by Abbey Leigh Photography.

From photographer Abbey Roberts: “I met Josie and Caitlin through my friend Katie, I met Katie through our husbands while living in Germany, and Katie met Josie and Caitlin when they all played field hockey together in college. Katie said that Josie contacted her about surprising Caitlin by proposing on the trip they had planned to visit her in Germany. Katie went into full stealth mode and asked if I would be available for a surprise engagement session after their engagement. I, of course, wouldn't miss the opportunity to help a beautiful couple celebrate their love. Josie and Caitlin were both very surprised when it came time for their session. Nervously, they kept telling me that they weren't that photogenic and that I'd have to really pose them because they had no idea what they were doing. I kept reassuring them that all I want them to do it be themselves and when they get a little stuck, I'll provide gentle instruction for them to look their best. Man were they wrong about not being photogenic. I received my amazing film scans back and could not believe how gorgeous they were. I love how relaxed and effortless this session feels. It's not over the top and is such an accurate representation of Josie and Caitlin as a couple. They are playful, relaxed, and above all, wildly in love! I was thankful to be able to tell a little part of their love story.”

From the couple: “We met in college, Caitlin was a senior and Josie was a freshman. We became fast friends, from supporting each other's sporting events to hanging out in the library. The summer after Caitlin graduated she visited her sister in Germany. While she was away it became clear to us that this was more than just a friendship. Fast forward seven years when planning a trip to Europe, both of us felt that Germany would be the perfect location for our engagement. A day trip was planned to visit a beautiful park close to the Polish border. It was a perfect full circle moment when Josie asked Caitlin to marry her. A surprise photo shoot was the best way to celebrate the excitement. Not all couples love getting their picture taken, but Abbey is an expert at making you feel comfortable and getting your best smile!”

Photography: Abbey Leigh Photography | Film Lab: The Find Lab
I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot both digital and film for my clients. Film may sound old school but it has added a richness and depth to my portfolio that is unmatched by digital. Film makes me more intentional while shooting my clients and it’s an overall aesthetic that I’ve been chasing for years! My style is best described as candid, timeless, joyful, natural, colorful, and organic. I want you and your person to look like the best versions of yourselves. I provide gentle instruction to my clients to ensure that we create the best images we can together.
— Abbey Roberts