Summer Beach Engagement Session Meg Sexton
I want the kind of love that makes sunsets seem like little sparks of fire, fading in the summer wind.
— Christian Medina

Summer is a season as fleeting as a falling star. It stirs our souls and warms our hearts in a way that leaves us both breathless and yearning for more. Bringing with it long, warm days that are filled with passionate love and nights that embrace us with a star covered blanket from overhead. We're embracing the last days of summer today with this beautiful Beach Engagement session from Meg Sexton Photography

Documenting the crazy love story of a wedding day will always hold a large piece of my heart. My approach to telling the story of each individual event is fairly simple. I want to observe through my camera. The joy, elation, and anticipation, the moments in between that are all so much a part of your experience are why I love photography. I want to tell those stories and emotions with authenticity and artfulness. While I might style and arrange small details in the background to enhance the story, I will always let the spontaneous moments unfold while I strive to create timeless accounts of your love.
— Meg Sexton