Sarah Seven Snow Bride by Mylyn Wood Photography

We love when photographers put an artistic twist on a classic bridal look. It List Member Mylyn Wood Photography, in collaboration with Eden Willow Photography, put together this Winter bride wedding inspiration shoot using Sarah Seven's stunning pieces as their source of inspiration. The minimal surroundings truly allow this gorgeous gown to take center stage and be the main focus of this piece!

From photographer Mylyn Wood: Winter has a certain sense of magic. An array of words quickly come to mind when thinking of this season: the gently falling snow, the smell of the evergreens, the crackling of a fireplace, etc. One thing in particular has always held a certain level of fascination to me: that glittering vision when golden sunlight falls so perfectly upon the snow. That to me is pure magic. More than the magic of Santa Claus, more than the magic of reindeer--that scene elicits such a stirring of excitement in my soul that I instantly transform into a child who once again believes in the enchantment of winter.

This entire project was an illustration of that dream. Sarah Seven has an incredible talent for creating luxurious gowns that simultaneously evoke the dreams of millions of brides. This stunning sequined crop top paired with the smooth, silk skirt showcased our idea of light and snow so perfectly. Adding  simple yet significant details like the softly glowing candles, the sweeping caplet veil and a modern all white bouquet proves that dreams can be simple but can still hold immense beauty. 

The modern winter bride has never looked better.

Photographers: Mylyn Wood Photography & Eden Willow Photography | Photo Assistant: Heidi Carpenter | Gown: Sarah Seven | Floral Design: Sarah Renard Floral | Model: Maja Rohling