Santa Barbara Engagement Session by Jennifer Fujikawa
You are the love that came without warning, much like a violent wind ripping through the ravines of my soul, leaving me breathless and shaken.
— n.r. hart

When passion lies between two people you can feel the electricity in the way they connect. Their eyes need not look further then to those looking back at them. Their hands need not search further then to those already holding theirs. You can feel the connection as they look at each other in a way that removes every ounce of breath from your being. Connected by soul, consumed by passion, the feelings are palpable to those in their presence. Jennifer Fujikawa captured the essence of Alberto and Maria, and their unfaltering passion for each other, in every beautiful image.

A graduate from California State University of Fullerton, I hold a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Entertainment Arts. My photography career began six years ago, as I ventured into the world of wedding photography. Since then, I have grown my business to cover weddings, events, portraits, fashion and commercial photography. I strive for the quality and essence of my clients’ photos to be every bit as memorable and beautiful as the moment they were captured.
— Jennifer Fujikawa