Beautiful San Diego Anniversary by Kristyn Harder Photography
Kristyn Harder Photography | Calgary Photographer | Joy Wed blog

This week is the week of incredibly talented It List members and today we are featuring the lovely Kristyn Harder Photography. Kristyn is one of my favourite people and I have personally had the pleasure of being captured by her numerous times. Her talent, charm and visions truly make her one of the best! I am absolutely in love with today's San Diego Anniversary session and this beautiful family!

From Kristyn Harder: As wedding photographers, we first capture the engagement session, and then the moment everyone's been waiting for - the beautiful wedding day. But after the big day comes the part that lasts a lifetime: marriage, and that deserves to be celebrated and captured too! Anniversary sessions are a new trend that I am absolutely on board with! Bryant and Stephanie recently celebrated their four year anniversary, and it was such a pleasure to capture their love and their friendship during my trip to California this winter. In those years they've also welcomed the cutest little girl into their family, who we included in the session, although the shoot was mainly to focus on Bryant and Stephanie. They were able to slow down and just enjoy each other, connecting in a way that parents don't always get many chances to!

San Diego's Windansea Beach was a gorgeous spot to bring my romantic vision to life, and the session was completed with a hand-arranged bouquet tied with white ribbon, and stunning pieces by Bekah-Anne Jewelry. I fell in love with the close up, intimate photographs that show Bryant and Stephanie's connection, her smile is so magnetic. Apparently being adorable isn't just reserved for newlyweds! One of my favorite quotes as a wedding photographer is "I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding" - that's my wish for all of my brides and grooms. Don't forget to celebrate the years after your marriage, especially if that includes a photo session!