Rouille by Lizelle Goussard Photography
My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Oh to be kissed by the ocean is to have your soul opened with a fire that longs for more. To stand in the presence of such vastness takes us to places that we can only dream of. Inspiration comes in waves and we dream of places unknown, sands untouched, souls uninhibited. Love, and the grand allure, have the same profound affect on us. We long to be in it’s presence of such greatness, such joy. Lizelle Goussard and her team are taking us on the most exquisite adventure today surrounding us with both the vast ocean and endless love.

From Lizelle Goussard: “My inspiration for the editorial was drawn from rust (or Rouille in French). The reason why I paired the rust color with an ocean location is that things tend to rust when close to the ocean or items that are washed up, are usually full of rust.

I specifically chose two gowns to compliment the color scheme. The first one is an ivory embellished gown and the other is a brownish colored gown with an extra long veil for dramatic effect.

For the table I used drift wood and old glass bottles  - I kept the setup very close to natural elements to compliment the scenery. The table linen was placed or the table textured instead of smooth  - quite like the waves, breaking messy on the shore.”

Photography & Styling: Lizelle Goussard | Floral Design: Foraged | Stationery & Silks: Papier Handmade | Shoes: Bella Belle | Dress: Nadia May Couture & Chanelle Cindy | Linen: Set the Table Hire | Makeup: Kailah Gordon | Models: Savannah & Dane {Real Couple}
My style combines documentary, editorial and fine art photography to bring together all the beautiful aspects of your wedding in images that are filled with beautiful light, infused with romance.
— Lizelle Goussard