Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration by Ball Photo Co.
Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.
— Thomas Merton

The day of love. This day that allows us to truly embrace the one whom our soul belongs and share it in a way that is bold and expressive. Surrounding ourselves with the elements of every known love story, we want, we need to see an expression of love that stands out and leaves our hearts racing. Today's Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration shoot from Ball Photo Co. has done just that. Filled with every perfect element of love we are simply swooning over these details!

From photographer Hannah Ball: "The inspiration to create this stemmed from my absolute adoration for Bougainvillea. I had this vision of having an indoor intimate brunch setup, with Bougainvillea flowing all around them. It was a bit of an unconventional thought to have the bougainvillea placed on the walls in a somewhat unnatural way, but the messier it got, the more I fell completely in love.

The story behind the images is one of a young love that decided to head to Spain to make their love official, and notify their loved ones after the fact. Complete with the small details: delicious Spanish wine, sweet little garden grapes, and even stationery to send out to their closest friends and family stating they eloped in Spain! We took an editorial approach to the styling and posing, to help give a new perspective on this beloved bush, and to show its possibilities for future weddings. I actually kept the bougainvillea on that wall for a few days after the session to see how long it would last, and surprisingly it had barely started wilting by day 3, so this could be a fun new way to decorate a reception or ceremony altar, instead of doing the traditional bush-planted-in-ground look."


Photography & Concept: Ball Photo Co. | Styling & Decor: MIRAwed | Floral Design: Flowers by Roo | Dress Rental: Jolienne Collection | Hair: Taryn Conover | Makeup: Carolina Takahashi | Stationery: The Baum Creative | Models: Payton & Kammon

We are a hybrid photography team. What this means is that we shoot both film and digital photography. Why film? Because it’s probably the reason you were drawn to our work in the first place. The depth of the colors achieved by film are so inherently rich and beautiful, and they are just unparalleled by digital, in our opinion. So I shoot film wherever I can, and then to stay responsible, we shoot digital to fill in the gaps!
— Hannah & Jaron Ball