Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session by Karen Ann Photography
She wanted to love him
like he’s never been loved before....
with her hands she unarmed his heart
with her eyes she undressed his soul
— n.r. hart

There's something so utterly romantic about young love. Love that surpasses the tests of time. Love that can withstand and endure. Love that is full of passion and promise. Love like Zack and Tara's. These college sweethearts are a true sentiment to real, destined love and we Karen Ann Photography captured their love perfectly!  

About the couple: "Zack and Tara met at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. They met at a friend's birthday dinner and the very next day they both went on the same trip to Chicago through an accounting organization. Zack and Tara found out that they were both trying to get into the same masters of accountancy program. Over the next several months while Zack and Tara were getting to know each other, Tara woo-ed him with her baking abilities. They hung out constantly, but never talked about dating until a few months later. Zack said "Would you consider us dating?" and Tara replied "yeah" and that was that. They spent then next two years in all the same accounting classes and coincidentally got offers to intern at the same accounting firm in Chicago. Now they have been working at that same firm for almost two and a half years together."

My photography style is candid and relaxed, a little bit romantic, but most of all REAL. I love emotion and connections, and that is what I strive to capture through my lens. I am a natural light photographer, a dreamer, hopeless romantic and lover all things pinks and gold! I LOVE photographing around sunset! My sessions are relaxed and FUN!! I would love to photograph the beautiful and unscripted moments of life. Those moments that you don’t even realize happened but will appreciate for a lifetime.
— Karen Murack