Romantic Bridal Boudoir by Cornelia Zaiss Photography

Bridal boudoir portraits are incredibly personal so we feel truly honored when we're asked to feature them. This session, captured by Cornelia Zaiss Photography, is epitome of bridal boudoir perfection. Romantic, elegant and utterly gorgeous, this session captures this bride to be, and all of her natural beauty, so perfectly! 

From photographer Cornelia Zaiss: When Julie first arrived at our shooting locations, one of the first things she said was, “This is absolutely a dream come true and I’m so excited.” I absolutely love when shoots start out like that. Like most girls, Julie did feel a little self-conscious at first. She told me she feels like her body is shaped like a man’s body and looks manly because of her strong arms. My intention for the shoot was to create images that portray the beauty of a woman without being too sexual or making people feel uncomfortable when looking at the images. I wanted to show beauty in a simple and elegant way and show Julie how beautiful she really is, even if she doesn’t necessarily see it that way. When I photograph a bridal boudoir session, I’d like to bring a sense of elegance and natural, organic beauty to each an every image so that it simply draws the viewers attention and respect for beauty.

Photography: Cornelia Zaiss Photography | Hair and Make-up: Femme Akoi | Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret | Bedding: Anthropology

I love working with natural light and finding beauty in the simplicity of things. When photographing, I strive to bring out real emotion, capture personalities, and tell a story about my client. I want to portray the life and love in this world with natural, beautiful images that my clients can treasure for a lifetime.