Romantic Bridal Boudoir by Ashley Noelle Edwards Photographs

Today kicks off our favorite holiday week of the year. Yes that's right, here at Joy Wed Valentine's Day gets a whole week! Today's exquisite Bridal Boudoir session by Ashley Noelle Edwards Photographs is the perfect start to our week of beauty and love. This session proves that bridal boudoir can be anything but typical. The riverside location is exquisite however it's the moody atmosphere and stunning models that have left us completely breathless!  

From photographer Ashley: This bridal boudoir editorial was photographed near Sacramento, California. Our setting was in the mountains on a day in which it uncharacteristically poured constant rain. Undeterred, we continued to photograph in the rain, which created a moody atmosphere and often little bits of sparkle in the hair of our models and on the flowers. We think this really goes to show unexpected weather can still make amazing photos, even on film. 

The dressing gowns featured are so soft, romantic, and flattering for any bride. Courtesy of Peony by Stella, we were thrilled to photograph these and find the rocky, rugged backdrop a lovely contrast to the lace and sheer fabric of the gowns. These dressing gowns have a vintage feel and are modest enough to wear for the getting ready portion of your wedding day while your photographer captures hair and makeup being done!

The incredible florals were designed and created by Mignon Floral Co, including a show-stopping bouquet overflowing with roses and hand-tied with luxurious silk ribbon from Silk and Willow. Mignon also created a flower-decorated crystal chandelier, as well as transformed the antique bathtub into a beautiful oasis fit for a mermaid princess with gorgeous and unique floral installations.

Calligraphy in the form of a love letter by Blue Heart Calligraphy tied our shoot together and added a romantic gray backdrop for our color palette of pink, ivory, ruby, soft lilac, and greenery. As well, it perfectly accented the incredible antique diamond and ruby ring from Trumpet and Horn, which is part of a private collection, along with the distressed antique ring box from England, which we felt added to the romantic emotion of the shoot.

Though it was pouring rain constantly throughout our day and temperatures were in the forties and fifties we love the way film handled the conditions and everyone came together to create something we feel will be truly inspiring to the modern bride who wishes to incorporate a touch of elegance and romantic feeling into her boudoir photos or into the getting ready portion of her day, which could easily include flowers, an engagement ring shot, and a sweet love letter. Many brides may not think of these details and opt for more traditional getting ready shots in a floral romper or even their everyday robe, but we think it would be easy to incorporate these beautiful fine art details with the end result of having cohesive, stunning images throughout the wedding day!

Photographer: Ashley Noelle Edwards Photographs | Florals/Art Direction: Mignon Floral Co. | Dressing Gowns: Peony by Stella | Makeup: NorCal Natural Beauty | Model in Pink: Kara | Model in White: Tatum | Calligraphy: Blue Heart Calligraphy | Antique bathtub: POP Event Rentals | Ring: Trumpet & Horn | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Film Developed and Scanned by: Richard Photo Lab