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Natural Science Wedding by Nicole Lapierre Photography

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Natural Science Wedding by Nicole Lapierre Photography
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I absolutely love when couples use their wedding day to not only express their love for each other but to showcase their true couple style and create a day that is so perfectly them. Kris and Brendan took their wedding day as an opportunity to allow their guests to see how much they truly love nature, science and each other. Perfectly captured by Nicole Lapierre Photography, this wedding has the prettiest of details! 

From Kris, the bride: Before we started planning the wedding, I purchase a book called "The Practical Wedding" The book talks a lot about where certain traditions originated from and assures you that you don't have to have it all in order to have a perfect day. With that mentality, Brendan and I went through all of the ceremonial and traditional elements, new and old, that weddings can have and only chose to include the ones that mattered the most to us. We edited out a lot of things that perhaps other people wouldn't agree with, for example we didn't have a bouquet/garter toss, or a series of father-daughter/ mother-son dances, or the newly coined "first look" moment before the ceremony, resulting in a more stripped-down event. Our day was boiled down to "what is a wedding really about?" and then slightly dressed up with some decorations.

As we began the wedding planning process many people close to us began to coin it as, "the bride's special day" a sentiment that didn't sit well with me. Brendan and I feel that so much of our success individually and as a couple has come from the supportive cast of friends and family, so I wanted to make sure this was reflected at our wedding. We started off this sense of community and equality by arranging the chairs at the ceremony in a spiral; there was no "sides" of the aisle to choose, and I got to walk by every person we invited on my way to see Brendan and on the way back through the spiral as a married couple. We also carried this philosophy through to the seating chart, grouping people by interests, not familiar connections, and served dinner family style. Finally, during our 1st dance, we asked all of the other married couples to join us half way though the song."

3 best moments of the day in the couple's words:
The groom's vows- for months he had been ribbing me that his vows would be so magnificent that everyone would be crying and that I would wish that I had gone first because no one would be able to top what he was going to say. We laughed about it quite a bit leading up to the wedding, but low and behold he did deliver incredibly heartfelt words that brought everyone to tears. 

Having a sweetheart table- I debated whether or not I wanted to be sat with the wedding party or just the two of us alone, and I'm really glad we chose to have a table just for two. We decided to use our antique kitchen table that Brendan re-finished about a year ago, and sat a good 15 feet away from the guest tables. It gave us space to have an actual conversation and steal a few minutes. Additionally, we now start our mornings having breakfast at the table we had our first meal together as a married couple, which is a nice touch for anyone who leans towards being sentimental. 

Star Party- Our venue is an ecology preserve in the hills and had very minimal ambient light. At the end of the night, we took a pile of blankets and lanterns and walked down into the field to look at the stars. Brendan's father works at an observatory and taught us all how to use the star chart wedding favors, and answered questions about the constellations. It was a perfectly clear night, and we collectively saw a shooting star! I also really liked this part of the evening because I got to lay down on a blanket with Brendan after running around in heels all day. It was a great way to wind-down the evening.



Artistic Credits: Newlyweds: Kris & Brendan Barnard | Photographer: Nicole Lapierre Photography | Floral Design: Westerwisp | Hair & Makeup: Kelly Jo Makeup and Hair | Dress: Allure Gowns | Groom's Attire: ASOS | Venue: Quail Hollow Ranch | Invitations: Printable Wisdom | Calligrapher: Emily Norman Calligraphy | Star Finders: Two Crows Printing | Videographer: Alex Houlton | Caterer: Barbara Catering Company | Transportation: Monterey Classic Limo | Rentals: Alexis Party Rentals | Lighting: Magical Lighting | Makeup: Kelly Jones Makeup