Moody Mountain Wedding Inspiration by Sweetlife Photography

Moody Mountain Wedding Inspiration by Sweetlife Photography
She risked heartbreak for craved feeling alive,
an untamed creature addicted to love...
she wanted to burn with desire,
to be set free while flying high on broken wings.
— n.r. hart

Vastness lay before her, peace within her heart, she stood on top of the mountain knowing that this was exactly where she belonged. Her journey guided to this moment in time to remind her of the true beauty of life. Inspired by her surroundings, she stands in solidarity with the mountain, with the universe, with love. Created and captured with sheer perfection by Sweetlife Photography, today's inspiration shoot has left us utterly breathless. 

From photographers Anna and Jake Tenney: "The deep breaths of fresh air. The expansive views. The sense of quiet. Indeed, come to the mountain.

This bridal editorial was inspired by the feeling that only a mountaintop can give. Bon Ivers “Holocene” captures it perfectly:

And at once I knew I was not magnificent
Strayed above the highway aisle
Jagged vacance, thick with ice
But I could see for miles, miles, miles
— Bon Iver

As we planned our shoot, we envisioned bright sunlight and a view clear to the horizon. On a clear day, we might have even glimpsed the ocean. The mountain had other plans. Our brief sunlight quickly turned to rolling mist, dense fog, freezing rain, and snow—all within a two hour window. It was different than we had hoped for but now seeing the photos, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. The mountain taught us an important lesson this day: sometimes the greatest beauty is found in the unexpected.

With the mountain and its views as our inspiration, we tied its character into each element of the shoot. We knew we wanted a weightless dress to dance in the wind sweeping over the ridge. It was love at first sight when we discovered Sarah Seven’s “Lafayette” gown in coffee color! With it’s soft flowing silk chiffon and delicate shoulder detailing, it conveyed the natural movement and femininity we dreamt of. Austie Eckley’s coffee-colored chapel-length veil paired perfectly—the soft tulle flowed down the length of the dress, adding an ethereal layered effect to the bride’s look.

Ponderosa & Thyme created the perfect bouquet to introduce color and whimsy. With the rest of our styling in muted tones, the pops of red and magenta in the florals created a pleasing balance in the photos. The bouquet itself is breathtaking—a true work of art. Every corner and angle introduces a new floral element, even a few unexpected but perfectly integrated dried floral buds. The shape of the bouquet is beautifully asymmetrical, creating an artistic focal point throughout the photos, and Silk & Willow ribbon hanging from the stems added elegant, floating movement.

We chose our inspiration for this shoot carefully and created a short list of filters to run each styling decision through as described above. Even a natural, minimalistic aesthetic requires great attention to detail and intentionality, whether designing an editorial shoot or an actual wedding. Working with vendors who share your vision is critical because ultimately, you have to trust them to bring that vision to life. We are incredibly grateful for the team we were privileged to work with on this project—you are each so talented, so artistic, and you created a level of beauty beyond what we imagined.


Photography & Styling: Sweetlife Photography | Florals: Ponderosa & Thyme | Makeup & Hair: Austie Eckley | Veil & Headpiece: Austie Eckley | Dress: “Lafayette” by Sarah Seven | Ring: “Palo Alto” from Trumpet & Horn | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Invitation Suite: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy | Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio | Model: Autumn Johnson | Agency: Heffner Management | Film Lab: The FIND Lab

We’ve noticed something about weddings. It’s sort of a universal truth: they fly by way too fast. All the candid moments of wedding-day romance come like a breeze and they’re gone in an instant. And it’s these moments—these joyful, fleeting moments—that yearn to be captured and frozen in time.

You see, once bound together, these moments are love stories, and our specialty is telling them through our art. They must be retold to provide clarity, wisdom, and hope, and so children and grandchildren will learn the definition of true love. To us, a love story is the sweetest gift to hand down and the greatest legacy to leave.
— Jake & Anna Tenney