Moody Engagement Session by Jasmine Rose Photography

Dark, moody and utterly romantic. This beautiful engagement session, by Jasmine Rose Photography, is setting our mood on this perfect Halloween day. We absolutely adore this stylish couple and the passion and love that exudes from them. Perfectly captured, these two have us falling more in love with every image.

From photographer Jasmine: Let me start by saying Jessilon is one of those girls that I wish everyone knew, she is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful, not to mention she is breathtakingly gorgeous! The morning (and when I say morning I mean 4:30am) of Jessilon and Joel's engagement session my little man started to run a fever .. in a bit of a panic, I messaged Jessilon to tell her what was going on and I didn't want to make a decision about trying to reschedule her session until I could figure out if I could get Easton's temperature under control (Joel lives in Blacksburg and rescheduling would've been difficult). Luckily, I was able to keep his fever down, however we were supposed to shoot at The Greenbrier (which is a pretty good haul from Princeton) but she insisted we change the location of our session, in order for me to be closer to home in case my baby boy needed me, how sweet is that? Even though we were looking forward to shooting at The Greenbrier, I couldn't be happier with the location change and the way their photos turned out. Jessilon and Joel give me this dark and moody type, film inspiration and with their approval, I ran with it and I am sooooo in love! I cannot wait until their wedding day, with their unique style, I am sure it will be unlike anything I've shot before!