Moody British Columbia Elopement by Jenzel Velo
I crave a natural connection, where my soul is able to recognize a feeling of home in another. Something free-flowing, something simple. Something that allows me to be me without question.
— Joey Palermo

Human connection is something we long for. In our rush through daily life we often forget that these connections should be nurtured, loved and appreciated. Real connections have the ability to move us, to change us and to help us grow. Our journey through life would be nothing without the simple ability to connect on a real level. Connection was beautifully portrayed in these images captured by Jenzel Velo at a recent workshop with Jessica Rose Photography.

DESCRIPTION: A morning spent capturing a romantic elopement styled shoot between the Fraser Valley mountains of British Columbia. This couple escaped the city to elope; to relearn one another and to connect like it was the very first time they met. It was on one of winter’s foggiest days where the clouds sat perfectly still on the lake and the rain drops fell silently onto the ground. This shoot solely focuses on the tenderness and connection of the couple, with a touch of wilderness.


Workshop Host: Jessica Rose Workshop | Photography: Jenzel Velo | Florals: Celsia Florist | Styling & MUA: Jessica Rose Photography | Gown: Mariana Hardwick via Union Bridal | Rings: Cavalier Gastown | Models: Jeannine & Kevin Shaw

With a background in film, Jenzel goes beyond just what a moment looks like - she captures how a moment feels like with the delicate combination of cinematic and fine art styles.

Her passion for traveling, film and storytelling, along with her keen eye for aesthetic detail manifest through her art. Jenzel’s work is timeless and her approach organic, believing that her lens are simply a witness to your emotions unveiled. Where words fail, photographs tell the story. Each click, forever altering the nature of life by making time stop.
— Jenzel Velo