Lavender Field Wedding Inspiration by Artiese Studios
It was our favorite part of the day, this in-between time, and it always seemed to last longer than it should—a magic and lavender space unpinned from the hours around it, between worlds.
— Paula McLain

Moments in time are often remembered through a faint memory, a spark to our senses that ignites a fire within our souls. Lavender, for so many, is a scent that is reminiscent of long summer nights and young summer love. The kind love that leaves us standing among the stars on cool winter nights just to feel the brief warmth of a memory. Today's beautiful Lavender Wedding Inspiration Shoot, captured by Artiese Studios, has us dreaming of loves past and the summers of our youth.  

From designer Rainbow Chan: "The sensual allure of the lavender flower, an aromatic essence that escapes mere description; a deeply profound, sentimental, inspirational and essentially romantic fragrance. The simple elegance of a bed of flowers tucked away, hidden in the countryside; a secret garden, concealing a boundless and plentiful sea of sensuality, a spectacle for the senses. A scene so simple yet so intriguing, mysterious and romantic, encapsulating the self-same allure of the lavender flower. Encapsulating this essence was the main goal for our latest styled shoot, “Lavender Field Wedding Inspiration”.

Taken adrift by the alluring theme inspired by “The Love of Lavender”, our wedding planners took an enchanting escape to a land of endless dreams and open imagination; the Terre Bleu Lavender Farm in Campbelville, Ontario, in a secret getaway that’s a stone’s throw away from Guelph, down a westward path from Toronto. A breathtaking scenic countryside destination, Terre Bleu’s bountiful beds of lavender flowers arranged immaculately in a picturesque and pristine ensemble nestled deep in rural Ontario’s farmlands would be the perfect fit to capture the essential inspirational theme behind our styled shoot. Influenced by the elegance and simplicity of an outdoors, open-concept wedding day style, our wedding planners had put the utmost priority in keeping the styled shoot setup balanced between simplicity and elegance; between the sentimental and sublime." 


Wedding Planner: Rainbow Chan Weddings | Photographer: Artiese Studios | Videographer: SDE Weddings | Make-Up/Hair: Windy Chiu | Stationery: Flourish Calligraphy | Plates/ Steamware: Tableauscapes | Decor: Bash Panache | Venue: Terre Bleu | Models: Angies Models | Florist: Releve Blooms | Cake: Flour and Flower Cake Design | Gowns: Lovers Land | Linens: Linens Closet | Rings: Cynthia Findlay | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Based out of Toronto, Therese is a film photographer known for her fresh, fine art style. She captures genuine and timelessly beautiful imagery, believing that life’s moments are precious and that her art form is to capture them perfectly. She can be in any place in the world that is astonishing; anytime – between sunrise and sunset; any celebration — weddings, anniversary, portraits, milestones, or any joyful moment you can dream of. Her wanderlust leads her to new adventures and breathtaking destinations, photographing couples along the way.
— Therese de Jesus