Khao Yai Engagement Session by Jenny Tong Photography

Film photographer Jenny Tong has trained with some of the industries most talented leaders so it's no surprise that her work has left us absolutely breathless. Today's beautiful engagement session was captured in Khao Yai and we love the way it leaves us feeling as though we've been whisked away on a beautiful Italian adventure with two people madly in love. These images are truly what love stories are made of!

From photographer Jenny Tong: As huge fans of Italia, this pair of lovebirds decided to have their engagement session in some place where is surrounded by the atmosphere of Italian romance. To save the cost of flying to Italia from Hong Kong, they decided to go a town called Khao Yai in Thailand, which is one hour drive from Bangkok, plus a 3 hour's flight from Hong Kong, its pretty like spending a relaxing weekend in a countryside nearby. Khao Yai is actually a very small but magic place, no longer have to fly halfway across the world to get a taste of Italy, You could be easily mistaken for thinking that you were in a remote Tuscan village, with the complex’s classy Italian architecture, cobbled streets and lush green surroundings. It totally inspired my imagination and has left a very deep impression! An incredible experience to capture their love story in such beautiful place!

Photography: Jenny Tong Photography | Makeup: Siu Chung Makeup | Wedding Dress: Rara Avis | Film Scans: Carmencita Lab

This is Jenny, a fine art wedding photographer works in Hong Kong and worldwide.
And, proudly the ONLY wedding photographer in Hong Kong who shoot 100% film –
from engagement to wedding, from maternity to family.

Learning with the film master Jose Villa and Greg Finck, I am absolutely passionate about film photography and fine art. I’m always inspired by natural light and people’s unique story, which helps me to achieve a luminous and timeless approach. I love to capture how people connect with each other, I love to record an intimate vibe and feeling.
— Jenny Tong