Hawaiian Bridal Inspiration by Sheri McMahon Photography
The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.
— Robert Wyland

To be moved by the depths of the sea is to find ones inspiration in longing and love. To look out beyond what the eyes can see and to find yourself dreaming of lovers longing for one another once again. To be awakened by the waves, and grounded by the sands, while dreaming of nights spent wandering, imagining and loving. Inspired today by Sheri McMahon Photography and her interpretation of love.

From photographer Sheri McMahon: “Our vision for this shoot was to bring a raw yet elegant style to the coast. To set the beautiful ethereal tone we chose an earthy palette that came through not only in the wild and unruly floral’s of dried flowers featuring lunarian with white fan coral but also the natural tones in the surroundings. Utilizing the coastal breeze as inspiration, it was all about the free spirited fun and playful elopement bride.”

I am a hybrid fine art film wedding photographer. With a love for medium format cameras, I am inspired by light, incredible scenery and adore photographing intimate moments and unique love stories. My approach is soft and subtle. My training, love and passion for film photography has lead me to choose the medium of film combined with digital. Film is flawless, it captures light, skin tones and romance beautifully.
— Shari McMahon