Grecian Inspired Bridal Boudoir by Jonathan Préfaut
There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, then a woman be unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me that is the true essence of beauty.
— Dr. Steve Mazaboli

The beauty of a woman lies deep within her soul. It shines in the way she loves. In the way she moves. In the very breath she takes. Portraying the beauty of woman, and capturing her in her essence, is an art form in itself and Jonathan Préfaut has done an exquisite job of this in today's beautiful Grecian Inspired Bridal Boudoir shoot.   

From photographer Jonathan Préfaut: This styled shoot is all about the bride. I wanted to illustrate the radiant beauty a bride often emits on her day and I found a bridal goddess themed shoot would be a perfect exercise.

The location we chose is a ruined chapel/castle on top of a small mountain, one hour drive from Avignon in Provence, France. We walked and climbed for an hour to reach the place, it was hard but very worthy. The chapel/castle was Queen Jeanne of Provence second home in 13th-century.

The first part of the styled shoot is a getting ready, the bride making herself pretty in front of a Greek inspired scenery. The second part is a bridal boudoir session, shot in the ruined chapel. We used a few olive tree branches to symbolize the Mediterranean geographical area. Last but not least, we headed outside to capture Elia's beauty (our great model) in a beautiful hand made dress. The wind was blowing and I had a great time capturing movements in the gown."

Photographer: Jonathan Préfaut | Model: Elia Oldeman | Stylist: Le bazar de rêve | Boudoir gown : Cleophina | Jewelry: So Hélo | Dress designer: Confidentiel Creation | Floral Designer: La fabrique d'étoiles filantes | Coordination/Planning: Le coeur dans les étoiles

My style is a perfect balance of fine art aesthetic and natural storytelling. To document the most important day of your life, I will focus on creating bright, soft, elegant, beautiful images, capturing genuine love, emotions, laughter, moments of happiness and pretty details that truly reflects the uniqueness of your wedding. I love being a wedding photographer : chasing light, meeting new people, telling stories of couples in love and discovering new places!
— Johnathan Prefaut