Gorgeous Surprise Proposal by J. Anne Photography

We are seriously SO in LOVE with today's surprise proposal from J. Anne Photography. What starts off as a truly stunning inspiration shoot quickly turns into an equally gorgeous marriage proposal. This team did an amazing job of bringing this vision, and surprise, to life!

From photographer Jodi: Will hinted to me while at a friend's wedding that he was starting to plan to propose to Ashley, and the number one detail of the proposal was that it had to be photographed.

We talked about several options of how to make the proposal work, but nothing seemed fool proof seeing as how Ashley and I were friends. If she had seen me out with my camera she would have immediately known what was happening, so we had to embrace the idea that instead of me trying to hide me from the proposal... we were going to have to simply hide the proposal from Ashley. In clear daylight.

We brought Ashley on board with the pretense that I wanted to do a styled shoot with a group of their friends. Ashley jumped at the idea of the styled shoot, but she did not jump at the idea of being IN the shoot. She felt much more comfortable behind the stylilng/camera. So, we had to get a bit more creative... and strong willed... in getting her to participate in the shoot. With a bit more convincing from her friend Olivia... and a lot of wine poured down her throat, she agreed to get dolled up and be in front of the camera for a change!

Here is Ashley's story of how the day of the shoot took place:

The girls sat at the dinner table laughing and enjoying being pampered by the team at Your Beauty Call while the boys sat in the living room watching sports. I was so excited for what I thought was to be a styled shoot-- just a fun evening with friends, hanging out with our favorite photographer friend Jodi, and pretending to be the highest paid models in town!

Little did I know, this Saturday evening was soon to start a new chapter in my love story with Will-- my best friend of 15 years.

I arrived at the photo shoot location and was in complete awe of how beautiful it was-- the sunset, the desert in its purest form was just breathtaking. After a few group photos and bride and groom shots, Jodi asked if Will & I would just take a few relaxed and candid "bridal party" pictures. We obeyed her wishes and after a few photos, she asked us to face away from each other and on the count of three, she would ask us to turn around and face one another.

I turned around, faced Will and he said to me, "you know this isn't a styled shoot right? It's time." At that moment, I knew that this was about to be a moment that would forever change my life. For the first few seconds I was in such shock that I had no idea what was really happening, until he so perfectly got down on one knee, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Ashley, I love you. Will you marry me?" I didn't want to ever forget the emotions of pure love that I felt in that very moment.

After saying "YES!" and a celebratory sunset champagne toast, we headed back into town where I was greeted by a surprise engagement party complete with our friends and family from across the country. For so many people to be involved in helping create such a beautiful moment for the both of us is what truly made my heart sing. It was certainly a day that dreams are made of.

Photography: J. Anne Photography | Beauty: Your Call Beauty | Florals: Layers of Lovely | Signage: She Paperie | Ashley's Dress: Aidan Mattox | Bridal Gown: Kittychen Couture