French Quarter Engagement by Arte De Vie

We absolutely love being whisked away by our submissions. We love feeling like we're right there with this fun loving couple sipping on cocktails and strolling through Louisiana's French Quarter. Captured by Arte De Vie, Victoria and Hunter have us falling in love with them with every image!

From photographers Doug + CheyAnne: We had a great time hanging out with Victoria and Hunter for their photos. We meandered through the French Quarter, and even took a photo near Muriel’s where the proposal originally happened. They were both fabulous in front of the camera, but I’m always extra proud of the guys when they start out relaxed and not afraid to show some affection. I still smile when I think of the first request for Hunter to give Victoria a smooch during the session. He swooped in with the hand behind her neck and pulled her to him, you could literally see her melt right into him! Ah, love! It never gets old! We wrapped up the shoot by letting them stop for a celebratory cocktail. I’ve really come to love those photos, they just have a certain Nola essence.