Parisian Inspired Bridal Session by Pearl Hsieh Photography
It’s no secret that I love Paris. I love Paris in the spring. I love Paris in the fall. I love Paris on a Monday, Tuesday, Sunday afternoon........I just love Paris.
— Brooke Saward

The idea that you can spend the day among the beauty of bridal gowns, in a small Parisian bridal shop, while sipping champagne is a concept that we simply fell in love with. Pearl Heish Photography brought this vision to life in an utterly romantic and elegant way.  

From photographer Pearl Hsieh: "We were inspired by the romance of French culture and architecture and designed a theme that highlights elements of effortless, airy French lifestyle. Yes Bridal provided a stunning array of dresses and a hand-tied the bouquet. Fumi created beautiful, relaxed up-dos paired with classic makeup and worked together with Yes Bridal on bringing together the right mix of accessories to complement the elegant look. With a few pieces of key furniture, statement decor pieces, and bright windows, it is not hard to fall in love with what feels like an inviting, summer afternoon in Paris. Simple elegance is attained through a careful selection of items to reduce distractions and to keep focus on the most important aspects of the theme. For this shoot, this was accomplished through the charming dresses and modern Victorian furniture as big statement pieces while bright windows and dark hardwood flooring serve as minimalistic backdrops. This goes to show that clear focal points and no-fuss accents can create the atmosphere of a chic European retreat."

Photographer: Pearl Hsieh Photography, LLC | Decor: Anthropologie | Ring: Brilliance | Makeup Artist: Fumei Hsu | Floral Designer: Trader Joes | Event Planner: Two Perfect Events | Dress Store: Yes Bridal Studio

Pearl Hsieh is a wedding and life style photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pearl’s photographic style is bright, fresh, natural, and romantic. She believes everyone is beautiful in their own way and aspires to capture touching and emotional moments filled with warmth.
— Pearl Hsieh