Fall Inspired Engagement Session by WILL YOU? Weddings
Wild is the music of autumnal
winds Amongst the faded woods
— William Wordsworth

As the crisp air of Fall begins to surround us we prepare ourselves for the transition of seasons. We are reminded of warmer days past and yet, we are ready to embrace the season of change. Today's Fall Inspired Engagement Session from WILL YOU? Weddings reminds us of everything we love about Fall and why it truly is our favourite season.

From photographers Deniz Tokcan and Musap Celik: "Here, we inspired of the atmosphere of a town's naturalness and made shooting there of a couple to encourage others, who have doubts to wear something else besides smokiness or fancy dresses during engagement sessions."


Photography and Styling: WILL YOU? Weddings | Florals: Floral Design by Murat Emin Savas | Beauty: Göksel Çolak from Unite Make up and Hair | Silk Ribbins: Tie and Keep | Handmade Basket: Asusage | Models: Kika and Can Toprak from Ice Model Management Istanbul

We are fine art photographers from Turkey. We passionately tried to make all conditions practicable about that in Turkey, where actually there is no professional labs and equipment in our country. After a hard process during last year, finally we are able to do developing and scanning our own films. We are proud of to be the first and the only team, who does professional movie photographing in Turkey.

We love to direct spontaneous and romantic movies with the natural light.
— Deniz Tokcan & Musap Celik