European Bridal Boudoir by Jennifer Munoz Photography
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I cannot even begin to describe how much I LOVE this boudoir session by It List member Jennifer Munoz Photography. The utter romance of it is overwhelming. This session is so perfectly styled and I truly am in love with every single image. The team that brought this session to life are truly some of the best in the industry {see full listing under post}. Bravo!!

From Jennifer Munoz: I love the feel of the Old World European age: the elements of wood, precious metals, wild flowers, fine linens and silks, artful calligraphy correspondence, beautifully rustic confections, shadows illuminated by golden candlelight, and the deep traditions of preparing for marriage. All of these pieces came together to create this European Boudoir inspiration gallery.

Our bride and her bridesmaid are dressed in lingerie on the morning of the wedding day. As their morning progresses, we see them begin move through three stages of the bride's preparation. The first stage is symbolic of innocence and renewal. They're both dressed in white and surrounded by ivy. Their hair is down and loose. They then move into a more playful second stage where they enjoy their friendship and also their tarts and wine. Their hair is more playful as well and they are dressed in peachy toned silk. The final stage, and perhaps the most important, is when our bride fully comes into her own, just before the wedding. With an heir of regality, her hair is completely up, adorned with her crown. She takes time to write her vows quietly and alone. She wears her veil and aligns herself with her faith, her foundation, to prepare for intertwining her life with the one she loves. In cultures around the world and throughout history, brides (and grooms) have taken the time to prepare for their wedding day. In some cases there are even ceremonies and blessings given before hand. The art and reverence of preparing for giving your heart away is awe inspiring. In these quiet moments, we remember that marriage, at the core, is about two people finding their way together for the rest of their lives. Fine Art Boudoir is a passion of mine because of the focus of preparation- getting dressed and quietly capturing the feminine sensuality of a woman who's well loved.


Photography: Jennifer Munoz Photography | Location: Still Water Hollow | Floral Designer: Blooms Floral Studio | Makeup: Blush by Jamie Rose | Designer + Heirlooms: Ira & Lucy LLC | Lingerie: Laudine Lingerie | Veils + Headpieces: Naturae Designs | Calligraphy: Sarah Pearl Studio |  Hair Stylist: Shawna Hines | Bakery: Sugared Memories | Veils: Wedding Gowns by Daci