Ethereal Ocean Bridal Inspiration by Taken by Sarah
I will love you as the sea loves. In gentle waves and in ferocious storms.
— Nik Frederickson

The ocean has a way of filling us with emotion and taking us away to another place and time. Being swept away by the waves, the depth, the mystery, allows us to leap towards the unknown while feeling safe and free. Sarah Collier of Taken by Sarah Photography has captured this sentiment perfectly in today's beautiful and ethereal ocean bridal inspiration shoot. Full of emotion and intrigue this inspiration shoot is simply divine.

From photographer Sarah Collier: "Romance and the sea have always gone together. This incredible location evokes imagery of a young lady waiting for her sailor to return home after a long journey, walking the ocean bluffs daily in hopes of catching site of his ship on the horizon. This would be the perfect spot for them to marry on his return, where sea and mountains meet to form a wild and lovely field of grasses and eucalyptus trees. She gives him the love letters she's written to him on their wedding day, he promises to settle down for awhile and find a spot on the bluffs to build a little house together. "

Photography and Floral Design: Taken by Sarah Photography | Dress: Lace and Liberty | Hair and Makeup: Casey Robinson Makeup | Model: Brooklyn Elli | Styling Board: Lynette Boyle

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— Sarah Collier