Ethereal California Engagement Session from My Sun and Stars Co.

California is often referred to as the sunshine state and today we can understand why. The light captured in these images by My Sun and Stars Co. is simply exquisite. Soft and utterly romantic, we can understand why this Pittsburgh Pirate, and his beautiful fiance, wanted their engagement photos done before leaving California for training camp. 

From photographer Megan Lynn: "Shayne and Kevin's engagement session was pulled together in less than a week! Kevin is a professional baseball player and they were leaving for spring training just days after the photos were taken. They're planning their wedding from across the country, and they lead quite the wonderful life."

I am a photographer because it just makes sense. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a people watcher, a lover of nature, and a chaser of sunsets. But I am a wedding photographer because I’m in love with love. What more can I say? I love being a part of some of the best moments of a persons life. I always get a warm tingly feeling during the first kiss, and I am guilty of occasionally tearing up a little at the father-daughter dance. I started my passion for photography when I was a kid, and discovered weddings only a short time later. I started photographing my own weddings in high school and haven’t stopped since.
— Megan Lynn