Coulombe Perfume Giveaway

Coulombe Perfume is a local Canadian brand {and you know we LOVE supporting our fellow Canadians} with an incredible vision. The idea that our most treasured memories are locked up in scent, and when we smell that something familiar we are whisked back to that moment in time to relive it just as we did the day it happened. This concept has us falling in love as we are so often moved by emotion, scent and touch. We love Coulombe Perfumes notion that those things that tend to ignite our souls can be remembered again and again through a simple scent.

To celebrate this beautiful brand we are thrilled to be partnering up with them for a wonderful giveaway! Check out our Instagram feed to ENTER to WIN a full sized bottle of Coulombe Perfume. Now some words from Coulombe Perfume creator Savanna


"Van Morrison sings Crazy Love as you sway to the rhythm, the love and joy of the day weighing on your heart with the lights twinkling in the trees. The sun has set, the champagne fountain whittled down and the feeling of peaceful happiness sets in.

You lay your head on your love's shoulder and feel the warmth of a celebrated love - one that will last forever.

Coulombe Perfume was built on scent connection between scent and memory. We've all experienced a familiar scent reminding us of past memories - lilacs in summer or your mother's favorite perfume when you were a child. The process behind the wonderful way of remembering is more scientific than you may have thought.

Our sense of smell is closely related to our emotions and memory. The olfactory bulb is intimately connected to our limbic system, which is part of our brain that processes emotions and associative learning.

Our brain has the power to conjure up memories when triggered by scent almost instantaneously, which gives us the opportunity to remember in a unique way. We choose a photographer carefully for our wedding day because the photographs we have framed will always be treasured. They are the connection to a beautiful time in our life - a day filled with love.

When you take a moment to reminisce, those photographs show you what to remember - the toasts, first dance and meaningful details. Imagine using perfume to fill in the gaps, to remember the feelings of that joyous day; the excitement before you walked down the aisle, the happiness that washed over you as you kissed your love and the contentment you felt as you laid your head on his shoulder and slowly moved about the dance floor.

Coulombe Perfume was named after my grandmother who was a very kind hearted woman. I imagine her to be delighted with every person who has found love that turns their world around and I aspire to be like her in so many ways. This perfume is my connection to her as she wasn't at my wedding but I know she would have been on the edge of her seat with the happiest of smiles watching her granddaughter say "I do" to her junior high sweetheart.

With notes of rose, jasmine, mimosa blossom, lemon petitgrain, bergamot, vetiver and sandalwood - I was inspired by lush and charming rose gardens and the allure of a French woman. Elegant, romantic and wildly in love with the life she is living.

It is my hope that this bottle of perfume sits on a new bride's vanity holding the memories of her wedding day. The memories of joy and love. As she spritzes it on, she can hear Van Morrison singing their song, she can see the smile on her love's face and she can feel the warmth - the warmth of celebrated love.

There is so much to look forward to and Coulombe Perfume's debut scent is just the beginning. I wish all new couples a lifetime of love and happiness.

These are the days now that we must savour
And we must enjoy as we can
These are the days that will last forever
You’ve got to hold them in your heart
— Van Morrison