Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session by Carlos Hernández Photography
The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic then to love others.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Honest love has a depth that is real, raw and tangible. Able to be captured beautifully through the lens and felt by the soul, real love is infinite in it's possibilities. Photographer Carlos Hernández is artful and elegant in his ability to capture real love and with each image he allows us to see deeper and deeper into his clients story. Falling in love with each frame he captures, and today, with Margaret and Philip. 

From photographer Carlos Hernández: "Margaret and Philip met in Portland while she was visiting from the east coast the summer after she had completed her studies in architecture. One of her friends mentioned to her that there was a guy there that was an architect and thought that they should meet. Her friends were sight seeing and Philip was able to show them around the city. She admits that she was not hopeful of anything but as they began to talk it was obvious that they were attracted to each-other. Philip suggested that they visit a large fountain in Portland where they could get their feet wet and beat the heat. That is the place where they found out that they wanted to continue a friendship, however she had to go back home soon after. She was a little skeptical and thought that with such great distance the fire would cool off. But Philip was not about to let that happen. He traveled to the east coast to see her soon after and began a relationship. They flew back and forth very often and that kept that fire burning. After a full two years of crossing the country to be together they were realizing that they couldn’t live apart any longer and Philip proposed.

They decided that they wanted to have a very laid back Portland engagement session with the best scenery that Oregon has to offer. They wanted to be reminded of some of the places they had dates at, including that same fountain. Some of their dates also included drawing each other on a notepad while looking at amazing scenery of the Columbia River Gorge.

They will be having their wedding at a beautiful venue in a southern town of North Carolina. I am very much looking forward to photographing the beginning of their love story."

I am a Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer based out of Portland Oregon. I am so blessed to be a part of the most memorable moments in so many people’s lives. I am moved by sincerity, gestures of purity, and the disappearing value of the tangible. My desire as an artist is to create photos that are full of life and express beauty in an honest way. This allows me to slow down and turn my eye to detail in order to document moments that are meaningful.
— Carlos Hernández