The Perfect Citrus Summer Wedding Inspiration from The Happy Bloom
I loved him in a way that you can really only do the first time around. It’s the kind of love that doesn’t know better and doesn’t want to - it’s dizzy and foolish and fierce. That kind of love is really a one-time only thing.
— Jenny Han, We'll Always Have Summer

Love has the ability to change us. To bring light into our lives and our hearts. Love connects us, binds us and brings us together no matter where we come from. Today's beautiful editorial from The Happy Bloom and Tristan Needham Design combines love from different ethnicity's and cultures and in turn is full of color, boldness and beauty. Love knows no barrier, sees no color and holds no discrimination. Love is love, and love is beautiful! 

The story: What makes Texas so great is its blend of Southern tradition and Mexican influence. Rustic white barns meet stucco and citrus, colliding to make a beauty that no other location can duplicate. While some wedding trends are leaning further and further into the neutral color palette of greens and creams, these two cultures still embrace color, vitality and life… no matter the trend or season! 

Our editorial story begins with Claire and Tomas. Claire (born and raised Texas) and Tomas (born in Mexico and raised in Texas) met while studying abroad in Europe. The two met in their university’s library, Claire diligently studying and Tomas standing in between the closest bookshelves trying to catch Claire’s eye. Well, as you guessed it…. he did and the two have been inseparable ever since. 

Their wedding day was filled with pops of fresh citrus, locally grown tomatillos and Claire’s favorite flower, the Poppy. Their love of European culture and modernism can be seen in their minimal paper goods and clean, fresh tablescape. 

From Stylist, Tristan Needham: Gestures of a young, modern, and confident couple will dance among the slow setting, Texas sun. The groom, originally from Mexico - the bride, a Dallas native, are hosting only their closest friends and family post-ceremony…here, they’ll indulge in a beautiful tablescape, sprinkled with seasonal flowers and dashes of colorful food. While the elements of this elopement are minimal, it is evident that the warmth and east of their special day was of the utmost importance.

From Photographer, Justin Brown: With editorial work, we are always trying to push ourselves to be better. We try to explore new color palettes, new locations and help couples see that you can play with color and texture in new and exciting ways. We’ve been dreaming of working on an editorial at the White Sparrow for some time now. And when we had an opportunity to fly out to Dallas, we made it happen! We loved playing the balancing game of Southern tradition meets Mexican influence meets European modernism. The location is obviously innately Southern. We loved the way that the bride’s modern two piece dress compliments the beautiful white barn. The pops of citrus keep the shoot feeling alive and fresh but not over saturated. We’re truly hoping that couples embrace color this year! 


Photographer: The Happy Bloom | Film Lab: Indie Film Lab | Venue: The White Sparrow | Design+Styling: Tristan Needham Design | Gown: Saint Isbael Bridal | Floral: Bows and Arrows | Rentals: Bella Acento | Rings: Susie Saltzman | Paper Goods: Graceline Art | Beauty: Haley Herbst | Cake: 2 Tarts Bakery | Modeling Agency: Kim Dawson Agency | Female Model: Haley Halter | Male Model: Luis Martinez

Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University, Justin pursued both photography and illustration right out of college. During a pivotal moment in his digital photography career, Justin became smitten with film photography. Everything from the grainy texture seen in the images to the patience required for the process led him to fall in love with the art of photography once more. He helped spearhead the reintroduction of film photography in the Savannah area with the aim of of providing sun-drenched, organic imagery that will remain classic for years to come. You can easily find Justin sitting on his back porch rocking chair with a rye old fashioned and his American bulldog at his feet.
— Justin Brown