Bridal Portrait Session by E+E Photography
Bridal Portrait Session | E+E Photography | Joy Wed blog

I have always been a believer in having bridal portraits done post wedding. and your new husband, just the two of you, madly in love and still glowing from having celebrated your marriage only days before and being able to truly bask in the affection of each other without distraction. Alyssa + Riley's session, captured by E+E Photography, is the perfect example of what love and affection, post-wedding, really look like!

From photographers Ethan + Emily: Riley and Alyssa met while attending college in Hawaii. This couple knew that no matter where they went in the world they wanted to be married in their hometown on Boise. The city of Boise is surrounded by beautiful foothills, and in the springtime they are blooming with wildflowers. During this session we were able to capture a shot of the couple kissing and in-between then you are able to see the Boise train depot, the place where Riley proposed. This greatly signified the place where they began their engagement and the moment of where they started their marriage.