Boston Engagement Session by Four Corners Photography

Engagement sessions have long been some of favorite shoots as they are always full of so much love, excitement and emotion. Add in the factor that this groom is photographer Natalie Jackson's {Four Corners Photography} brother, and well, we'll let the images speak for themselves! 

From photographer Natalie Jackson: "I really wanted to do something meaningful and special for my brother's engagement session, so we went to Boston (my mom's and his fiancé's hometown)! I made a red velvet dress as a nod to the dress that our mom wore for her own wedding, only with a low front and low back. I actually planned to purchase one, but after coming up empty handed in my search for one, I made it myself. I still kept somewhat of a seventies sleeve and shape similar to the original dress though!!"

Photography: Four Corners Photography | Beauty: Lacey Heist | Calligraphy: Plan My Wedding Please

I was born and raised in the South, but I don’t have an accent. I am a photographer, dreamer, mother, maker of crafty things, and believer. My love for photography really began in 2009, when I started photographing dancers; I had always loved ballet and the beautiful movements the body can make through dance. Since then, I have expanded my portfolio to include all the beautiful chapters, or movements, that a person can make through life, including newborn, family, and wedding stories.
— Natalie Jackson