Bohemian In-Home Couples Session by Barbara Rahal Photography
It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together … and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home.
— Sleepless in Seattle

To find a love with whom you can laugh, cry and feel at home with is truly the greatest gift of all. Our souls connect in a way that is inexplicable and yet in an instant we know that from that moment forward we are safe. Our hearts will forever be protected by the fierce warrior we chose to love. The one whom knows our delicateness, knows the most real version of us and yet loves us with an honorable loyalty as that of a prince. Barbara Rahal captures this real love in today's beautiful in-home session and we couldn't be more in love.

From photographer Barabara Rahal: "I just love how the space came together with a true collaboration between a number of people for this shoot. Since I met Treena from Salvage + Bronze and saw her Himmeli art pieces that come from the Finish culture and the word sky or heaven, I have wanted to incorporate them into a session. I thought what would be better than to create a set like a home where these could be places within it, enhancing the in-home look with the hopes that the whole meaning behind the Himmelis {brings properity} would shine through. I created a simple set, incorporating a lot of my own home decor. Such things as a macrame that I had purchased for my spare room, decor from FLber on Amazon to the carved skull which is my home greeter piece. Finally, the blanket ladder from Nash & McCoy, a beautiful handmade piece in the small town of Blackfalds, Alberta!


Photography: Barbara Rahal Photography | Handmade Details: Salvage + Bronze | Hats: Black Tulip Hats | Carved Skull: Skull Bliss | Blanket Ladder: Nash and McCoy | Macrame: FLBer

I believe that the best things in life are simple, and they’re usually right under our noses: a smile, a hand to hold, a kiss on the forehead, or the feeling you get when you’re just being you.
— Barbara Rahal