Big Sur Engagement Session by Clay Austin Photography
It didn’t take much for her to love him, one brush of his hand against hers and she was his... branded by his touch forever
— n.r. hart

Love is but the grandest adventure of all. We journey through this life waiting for that moment when the stars align and the world stands still as well meet the one whom our soul belongs. In that moment we know, without a hint of doubt, that this person will change our lives in every sense, and we welcome it in ways we can't anticipate. Today's love story, captured in Big Sur, is so beautifully told by photographer Clay Austin.

From photographer Clay Austin: "This session will easily remain the highlight of my year! Before moving to Charleston my wife and I used to live in Santa Cruz California and would drive to Big Sur as much as humanly possible. It has always been a dream of mine to photograph a couple along that iconic stretch of highway 1 and I was finally fortunate enough to make that dream a reality! From towering scenic overlooks to meandering rivers, I tried to incorporate all that makes Big Sur so unique."


Photography: Clay Austin Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Styling: Ashley Ferreira

I am a firm believer in true love, and I try my hardest to document it in its most raw and authentic form. Shooting film allows me to be completely in the moment, patiently waiting for windows of honesty and those sparks that make each couple unique. It gives me overwhelming joy to provide my clients a way to relive such a meaningful occasion for the rest of their lives!
— Clay Austin