Belle Lumiere Workshop Bridal Editorial by Esther Funk Photography

Esther Funk Photography is a lovely example of the talent that Canada possesses. A true fine art photographer, her work continually has us in awe and leaves us wanting more. Esther captured this gorgeous inspiration session during her time at the Belle Lumiere workshop last spring and we are simply in love. The creative team that brought this editorial to life is packed full of remarkable industry talent and we are honored to share it with you today. 

From photographer Esther Funk: I LOVE this editorial from last years Belle Lumiere Workshop in Charleston. I absolutely loved being there. If you've never been to Charleston, you definitely have to go!

This shoot features our bride walking around RiverOaks, taking a few minutes to relax before the big moments of the wedding day. Gorgeous floral designs and a flowing dress in the wind; details that compliment the beauty of the simple yet stunning venue. Changing one simple aspect like letting down the hair changes the overall feel and gives brides the option of having both hair styles. 

Photography: Esther Funk Photography | Workshop Hosts: Belle LumierePhotoVision Printing & Kylie Martin Photography | Styling, Design & Creative Direction: Lacy Geary | Gown: Shop Gossamer | Ribbons & Silks: Stella Wolfe | Calligraohy: Brown Linen Design | Beauty: MiKel Rumsey | Floral Design: Amy Osaba | Cake: Bespoke Cakes | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Venue: RiverOaks | Model: Madeline Cornett

I’m a German-Canadian girl living in rural Manitoba with my husband of five wonderful years.

I love flowers even though they don’t seem to last at my home. And yes, I’m one of the girls that loves to travel and explore new places. My second home is in Kelowna, BC - also one of the most beautiful places in Canada - where my family lives.

I love beauty and love. One of my passions is to find beauty everywhere, it keeps life so much more interesting and enjoyable.