Bell House Engagement Session by Meredith Dickens
All this time,
I believed with all I am
that I would find you
— Tyler Knott Gregson

Love stories, they warm our hearts and give us a glimpse into the souls of two beautiful people. They inspire us to fall in love with love. The journey of love is different for every two people yet the stories continue to ignite a passion within us that leaves us yearning for a happy ending. Meredith Dickens captured a most beautiful day in Myriah and Roberts journey and were honoured to share it with you today.

From bride to be Myriah: "I first met Robert in college. We were on the tennis team together before we began dating! Flash forward a year and a half to my birthday weekend where I came to Lexington, Kentucky to celebrate! Robert had moved to Columbus, Ohio for his work and explained sadly he could not make the celebration this year! However, this wasn’t really the case at all!

Robert had let all of our friends in on his proposal plans. My good friend Margaret planned a girls day for me which wasn’t unusual as it was my birthday. We were walking in downtown Lexington to get some lunch. As we passed by a beautiful local home called the Hunt Morgan house, my name was on a little sign at the front gate with some balloons!

I immediately thought some friends maybe had planned a surprise party for me which gave me a little bit of nerves to walk into this surprise party. Being anxious I asked Margaret to accompany me to which she replied “Myriah, I can’t walk into this with you. Just trust me.”

As I walked through the gate to the back gardens I began to see photos of Robert and I all along the walkway. At the end of it laid a letter for me to read. I was still clueless! I assumed the surprise was still on account of my birthday. However, once I finished the letter, I turned around and there Robert was on one knee!

He had our friend Rachel come to photograph it all! Afterward all of our close friends joined us to celebrate! Which was hilarious since I had already contacted them regarding my birthday and all made excuses why they couldn’t attend. Looking back, I have no idea how I didn’t pick up on any of it!”


Photographer: Meredith Dickens | Venue: Bell House | Black Body Suit: Forever21 | Mustard Chiffon Skirt: Melansay | Gray Suit: Ryan Seacrest Distinction | Brown Dress Shoes: Johnston and Murphy

There are many moments in life that demand to be beautifully documented. It is my life’s work to join other’s in their journey of love and growth to tell their story in photographs so they may be cherished for generations to come.
— Meredith Dickens