Bare Process Vancouver
You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.
— Ansel Adams - Photographer

The art of photography is one to be respected and admired. Those who have the ability to see the world through a lens and capture moments that will be cherished forever. Capturing emotion, connection and real moments can be taught to those who have the ability to see it and yearn to capture so much more. At Bare Process in Vancouver, Emily Michelson will be working with workshop attendees to dive deep into their creative style, emotional connections and self development as photographers. This intimate workshop will help you to not only create your own photography style but will give you the tools you need to continue to grow and develop long after it’s over.

From Emily Michelson: “Bare goes beyond beautiful imagery. We provide instruction for photographers through practical process and sketchbook envisioning with a focus on self-identification. Bare Process is about you. It’s about learning how to create. We instruct you through our own personal developed processes to help you create your own. This allows you to show your ideas and how they were created in order to understand yourself as an artist.

We believe in working and connecting with you. At this workshop; there will be two one on one portfolio reviews and a follow-up call two months after the workshop. These lifestyle shoots will take you from start to finish. We only allow small shooting groups to ensure that each person will have the time to direct and envision. We want you to connect with others and build your network, we want you to grow.”

I believe that when we allow our true, real selves to become vulnerable and open we give our lives freedom that we never imagined possible. Manifesting your ideal life is as simple as believing in your dreams, visualizing the outcome and working hard to make them happen. Universal power has the ability to present to you everything you’ve ever wanted but what you do with the opportunities is what really matters.
— Stacey Foley - Editor in Chief, Joy Wed

My passion for education and inspiring creative business owners is palpable. I look forward to joining the Bare Process team and attendees to dive deep into your business goals, branding process and creative authenticity. Creating a business that is as unique as your talent will set you apart in this industry but how do you shut off the outside influences and listen to your inner voice? I’m going to help you explore your true meaning and teach you how to apply it to your daily business life.


April 2nd to 4th
Focusing on Lifestyle & Branding
Cost: $1,975.00 CAD


- 2 Styled Shoots Including: Lifestyle & Branding
- Branding process work from pitch to final delivery
- One on One Meeting with Emily
- One on One Portfolio Review with Ginny Au
- Personal Head shots
- A lecture from Emily and Linda explaining there sketchbook process and implementation
- A lecture from Stacey Foley Editor of Joy Wed
- Observation of Emily’s shooting and direction techniques
- Small shooting groups
- Editing and Film Process with Emily
- Follow up call 2 months after the workshop
- Access to private Facebook group with all of the attendees
- Unlimited use of images for promotion and publication use
- Discounts from Noble Presets
- 50% off 10 rolls of Processing from Photo Visions Lab
- Lunches and Snacks