Bali Bridal Session by Amelia Soegijono Photography

The romantic Island of Bali sets the stage for today's gorgeous Bridal Session captured by Amelia Soegijono Photography. The brides Rachel Gilbert gown is the perfect combination of formal and fun. With its fitted bodice and over sized bow, this dress leaves a lasting impression. Competing with the natural beauty of Bali is not an easy feat but this couple truly takes our breath away!

From the bride, this is her love story: Eric and I, like a teenage love story conveyed through facebook status - we're complicated. We were 13 and in love, 17 traveled together, 22 made a secret pact to marry one another if we're both single by the age of 30. Too proud to admit what has been going on the whole time but everyone around us seemed to know already except us. Which explained why some of our friends described us as the worst kept secret. All those years our path kept crossing as if by destiny's lure. Life tries multiple times to bring us together, chances were created but we never believed we should, could and would. Until one day he decided to beat his fear and jumped off the plane for her. Next thing she knows, she was the one who jump on a plane and moving her life to Sydney. Funny how that works out. So after all that and 5 years later, from the worst tears to the best laugh, we made it!

From the photographer Amelia Soegijono: A day after the wedding, we decided to create some magic and chase sunset at the beach without having to worry about getting the dress a little bit wet.  We wanted to reminiscence a 13 and 17 year olds having fun, being carefree and adventurous in the waters.  Without elaborate styling and decor, but just them, love and the beautiful mother nature in the waters of Nusa Dua, Bali... these two created memories that will last them a lifetime.

Photographer: Amelia Soegijono | Bride : Ileana | Dress: Rachel Gilbert 

I work primarily with soft natural lights as I love how the delicate nature of this light organically and effortlessly wraps my subjects, producing beautiful shapes, forms and colours that are soft and dreamy.

I work with mostly a medium format camera film (Contax 645). The real grain, the romantic sound of the shutter, the timeless colours, incredible skintones and the softness of it all resonates well with what I see and feel in my heart about the delicate and beauty of human relationships.