At-Home Newlywed Session by Cory & Jackie

When you're a fine art photographer, choosing someone to capture your own images becomes a very personal task but Molly Carr made the perfect decision when she chose Cory & Jackie to capture her at-home newlywed session. What makes this session even more special is the wonderful story that goes along with Molly and Ryan finding their "dream home". Thank you Molly for sharing your truly beautiful story with us!

From bride Molly Carr: "In August 2016, after nine years of dating, Ryan and I were married at HammerSky Vineyards in front of 75 of our closest friends. As our wedding gift to each other we decided to get newlywed pictures taken when we returned from our honeymoon in our adopted hometown of Indianapolis with our beloved rescue dog Yoda. The first year of marriage is so special and we wanted something tangible to capture those feelings and memories. As a fine art wedding photographer myself, it was important for me that the photos reflected our family in our natural element, which is why it was an easy decision to have the photos taken in our dream house by Cory+Jackie {and I have to add, that when I tell people that our house is our dream house I mean it quite literally}.

For nearly five years Ryan and I were in a long-distance relationship, and we would often dream about a time we would finally be able to be together under one roof, in "our little yellow house." That house became a symbol for us, and got us through many lonely nights away from each other. Four years ago I moved to Indianapolis to live with Ryan. Shortly after we were out in a local shop buying decorations for our first Christmas together when I spotted an ornament - a little yellow cottage, covered with snow. We bought it and every year hung it on the tree, dreaming of "our little yellow house." In November 2014 I was casually scrolling through Zillow (a daily ritual for me) when something stopped me in my tracks. There on the screen was that little yellow house, nearly identical to our Christmas ornament. I excitedly called Ryan, and the next day we were pulling in front of the yellow Victorian cottage to take a tour. The second we stepped inside we knew it was meant to be. The house was filled with charming details including two gorgeous working fireplaces, wide plank wood floors, sky high ceilings, a claw foot bath tub and the sweetest little kitchen that reminded me of the kitchen from "Practical Magic" (one of my all-time favorite movie houses). Needless to say we were head over heels and knew we had to buy the house. We moved in on January 2, 2015 and as we were carrying in the first of our boxes it started to snow. Then and there, seeing our dream of "our little yellow house" covered with snow, just like the ornament we had bought years before, I knew it was fate. That day will always be one of the happiest of my life.