Art Inspired Anniversary Session by Leah Beilhart

Claire Duran Weddings & Events has done it again. She has captured our hearts and captivated our senses with another one of her gorgeous editorial shoots. Partnering with Leah Beilhart, these two talented ladies have brought to life a story of love, passion and loyalty. One we can't help but get lost in!

From designer Claire: She finds her way through the woods to an abandoned building that use to be first a catering facility for the wealthy guests to the nation's capital, then an all girls finishing school, and then a retreat for World War II wounded soldiers. It is three years since she has been there. She remembers one of the most special moments in her life. In that abandoned place where old and new meet, he asked the big question, and she said yes. She has found out that the old structure is about to be demolished for the construction of new condominiums. Happily married, and on the eve of their second anniversary, she, a charcoal artist, returns to preserve a memory through her art. She then proceeds to draw the grandiose structure, more like she remembered it from that hike three years ago, where ivy was still alive and covering its walls. The new piece of art becomes the anniversary gift for him, which she wraps and labels "to my beloved husband". And as she leaves, she has portraits done at this raw location before it disappears by the touch of new cement, metal and wood.  

Photographer: Leah Beilhart | Planning & Design: Claire Duran Weddings & Events | Beauty: Lori Nansi | Flowers: Designs by Oochay | Charcoal Art: Carbon Rendered | Calligraphy: Estudio Rojo | Model: Olivia Reed | Dress: Free People