An Intimate Affair by Koral Bleu Photography

We can not begin to put into words how in love we are with today's Intimate Wedding Inspiration shoot from Koral Bleu Photography. This shoot is the epitome of fine art perfection. We love the way this couple {and yes, they are a real life couple} is captured so intimately and yet with such a romantic tone. The details created by this team are truly some of the prettiest we've ever seen. We applaud you!

From photographer Rebecca Aguie: "Good morning beautiful," were the words uttered from his tender lips as he gently pulled her into his embrace. In a futile effort to capture the depth behind his love for her, he had been collecting words and phrases over the past year, descriptors of their unbreakable bond and friendship. Today, he would share those words with her but not before jotting down one last thought, eternity. This would be his vow to her on their wedding day, to spend an eternity, loving, cherishing, and romancing her. With the soft morning sun streaming in through the window, he presented her with a gift, a necklace, that had been passed down to him from his grandmother, who had received it as the same token of love on the morning she had wed. 

This day would be intimate, just the two of them, but built on a history of love that transcends time. She wore a delicate tulle gown, and he, classic black. As he lifted back her veil, he knew he had found the one who completed him, she was his always. At a table set for two, with lush field flora's, and draping linens that moved ever so slightly in the breeze, they shared a decadent breakfast - he had in fact proposed over a similar breakfast on their trip to Paris. Just when she thought her heart could never love him deeper, he presented her with a small journal where he had collected well wishes and sentiments from their loved ones. She leaned over and whispered, “I have now loved with a love that is more than love.” 

Planning & Design: Amanda Blair by Design | Photography: Koral Bleu | Models & Beauty: Arlyn Osborne | Venue: The Bradford | Written Elements: Silver Fox Calligraphy & Fineberg Art Studio | Rentals: Cottage Luxe Rentals | Ribbons: Honeysilks & Co | Flowers: Wylde Flowers | Cake: Simply Cakes | Pastries: Lucette Grace | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Dress: BHLDN