Romantic Sunset Engagement Session by Jamie Rae Photography

We have been seriously missing warm summers days lately, and the gorgeous light that accompanies them, so we're absolutely swooning over today's gorgeous sunset engagement session by Jamie Rae Photography. We can truly feel the love of this couple, and the warmth that surrounds them, through every single image! 

From Madison, the Bride to Be: "A lot of people say timing is everything, and when I met Stephen, everything just fell into place. I was about to enter my junior year of nursing school in Portland, and that summer when I moved into my first college house off campus, one of my new housemates heard that I was single and she excitedly proposed that I met her boyfriend’s co-worker/friend Stephen. She was insistent we would really hit it off. So on a Thursday night, she and a few of their friends had me meet up with them at Stephen’s apartment. Walking in was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done, and I didn’t realize then, but I walked in through the door and saw Stephen for the first time, I was looking at my future husband. Stephen worked for a company that would move him every year, and I had met him a month before they where about to send him to California. When he first left Portland for his job in California, we had only been dating one month, but we both knew that we had found something worth fighting for. For the next 2 years, Stephen’s job took him to California and Washington, so while I was still in school, we dated long distance. People have always told me that long distance relationships never work, and yet with Stephen, he made it so easy, and seeing him waiting for me in the airport every time, is a feeling I can never describe. The first time I knew I loved him, we had gone for an evening walk to the Rose Garden in Portland. We entered a section called the Shakespeare garden which has an archway with an aisle leading up to it, I had Stephen wait for me under the archway and as I walked away, I looked up that aisle and realized that someday, I would want him to really be waiting down the end of an aisle to join his life with mine, and that I loved him more than I could imagine ever loving anyone."