Romantic Bay of Fundy Engagement Session by Nicole Lapierre
She knew not how lovely she was
Not until he gave her all the reasons to love herself
By showing her a tiny glimpse of what he saw in her everyday
— Nessie Q

Real love, the kind that warms our hearts and awakens our souls, comes but once in a lifetime. Its stories are full of moments that not only take your breath away, but also those of deep caring and profound experience. Todays Bay of Fundy engagement session, captured beautifully by Canadian photographer Nicole Lapierre, is a true testament of those stories. 

From photographer Nicole Lapierre: "Amanda and Chris wanted to have their engagement shoot at the beach where she spent much of her childhood in the valley, Huntington Point, Centreville, Nova Scotia, Canada. The light was magical and it was such a warm evening with calm winds, so we all went on a sunset adventure together. The images get more and more playful as you scroll through the collection.

They had two outfits, one that started the session out, then they changed for their romantic walk down the beach at the Bay of Fundy. The connection between the two of them was magnetic, and the softness and intimacy of the session complimented the ruggedness of the rocky beach."

From bride to be Amanda: "Chris and I had planned a day of working on the lot clearing trees so we could build our house. I woke up that day in an uncharacteristically bad mood and Chris said "Today's going to be a great day, I promise you." Eventually, I cheered up, Chris has a gift in that department. It was a beautiful day in June and we knew we'd also need a break for a picnic and swim at Simley's Park near Newport, NS. We enjoyed some cider and a picnic before heading to the river for a swim. The water was warm and Chris mentioned that people lose things in the water all the time. While he searched the river shoreline for treasures, I enjoyed the swim. A few moments later, I looked over at Chris. He was looking at me intently, I was thinking about how hot was looking. I swam over, not realizing he was down on one knee, the sun pouring over his shoulders. When I reached him, he held out his hand. All I saw was a bunch of river gravel, "rocks?" He responded by opening his hand a bit more and a custom gold ring with three stones appeared. My first thought was "Wow! You found someone's ring!", then I took stock of the situation, realized he had been on one knee that whole time, the picnic and the setting. "Are you serious?" "Yes, will you marry me?" Of course I said yes, after making some incoherent sounds. I had no idea he was planning to ask me, zero idea. I knew we were really happy and we talked about the future a lot but that was it! Chris isn't usually the best liar (love that) so I was shocked at how stealthy he had been!

After we calmed down he asked me if I was ready to go see my family and his because they were all waiting for us at his parent's place. Just as Chris promised, it was a truly great day."


Photography: Nicole Lapierre Photography | Hair: Allison Smith of the Head Shoppe Bedford | Makeup: Margaret Bauer of Vibe Salon & Medi Spa | Engagement Ring: Fawcett's Fine Jewelry

I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My husband Teddy and I photograph weddings together, in order to capture two perspectives. Not only are we able to frame a photo and coax one’s true personality into our viewfinder, we also have in-depth knowledge of photography techniques that allows us to capture beautiful moments in the most flattering light, without erasing what it is that makes you unique.

Our captures have an authentic and ethereal feel, and our focus is on creating a photographic record of your celebration.
— Nicole Lapierre