New York City Engagement by Julian N Photography

Oh New York City, even on the dreariest of days you send our hearts into a flutter. These beautiful engagement photos from Julian N Photography are proving why we love you so. The architecture. the romance, the ability to find solitude in a city so large are all reasons why New York is one of our favourite places in the world!

From photographer Julian Navarette: I actually met Andria not too long ago before our photoshoot together, I was hosting a workshop in New York city, I Knew Andria was going to be one of the vendors there so I was excited to meet her! At the workshop we chatted about New York City, jewelry and film! I always love working and talking all things in the wedding industry. Following the workshop we continued to keep in touch as I still had a week or so left, and Andria mentioned that she had never had a chance to get her engagement photos done, I told her that I was going to be in NYC a few more days and we planned this shoot on a whim! Even though it was planned quickly and was last min {and very Cold outside} I think it turned out great! Andria and Darren are such a great couple and it really showed on camera! Following our session we chatted all about the industry over wine! I know Andria and Darren and I are going to be friends and stay in touch!

From Andria: Darren was the first person I met when I moved to my new school in sixth grade. He asked me to be his girlfriend that year, in seventh, and in eighth grade, and each time I said no. Finally, in eleventh grade chemistry class he got the formula right and we’ve been together ever since!  After 8 years together, we got married in beautiful Charleston, SC in August of 2016. Two weeks later we moved from Charleston to New York City!  We visited NYC a few weeks prior to that and we fell in love with the city! We moved here for both the energy of this incredible city and our jobs. I own a vintage engagement ring company called Victor Barboné Jewelry so working in NYC’s Diamond district has been tons of fun! We never officially had engagement photos done and we are absolutely in love with NYC so we thought that would be a great backdrop for the photos. I have been hearing for the past year how gorgeous film photography is and I really wanted to experiment with that. Julian did such a great job of capturing the charm of the West Village on a cool winter day and proved to us that, ironically, film is the way of the future!