Mountainside Engagement by Kevyn Dixon Photography

We have never met CJ and Christina but that does't stop us from loving them and their adorable love story! Absolutely the sweetest couple, we adore their mountainside engagement session captured by Kevyn Dixon Photography. Their couple style is simple, sweet and classic. We can only image the perfection that will be their wedding day! 

The couples story, courtesy of Christina: CJ and I met through the church. I played the piano and sang on the worship team, and he got involved with the sound technician crew early in college. For two years, we were friends and coworkers at Chick-Fil-A of Boone. I always knew that I could find him and bother him behind the soundboard. I was able to sense his reserved but affable personality being similar to mine, and he made me feel so at ease. I loved talking to him. We would always talk about our history classes during the first semester that we got to know one another.

CJ asked me out for the first time in November 2014. This was after spending the whole evening dancing together at a contra dance, and he felt that he could not let the evening's events go unresolved. FINALLY, after two years of thinking he was too good to be true, the cutest guy at church asked me out! For one year, CJ and I dated. However, we became the best of friends and most cherished confidantes within a few months. It only took these few months to know that we wanted to marry one another. We talked about being engaged for a long time, but CJ took on many responsibilities in the fall semester of 2015. We rarely had time to spend together, and our time together was usually spent recuperating on the weekends. Had he asked me to go on a hike with him on any arbitrary day, I would have been very suspicious...

So, he put together a special hiking plan for our one-year dating anniversary. Yes - I was still a little suspicious, especially when he was quickly booking it up the Rough Ridge trail. As we neared the top, he asked me what my favorite place up there is. "Remember that one spot - the one that's near the top, but not all the way there? The small rock that's just big enough for two people, where that adorable little dog came and got mud all over us when we went on our first hike together? I think that is my favorite spot."He responded, "Then that is exactly where we will go." We rounded the corner and settled into our spot. As we gazed out at the purple mountains and breathed in the crisp, fall air, CJ wrapped his arms around me.

"Have I ever told you that you are beautiful?"

"Yes, CJ, I love you."

"Have I ever told you that I want to marry you?"

"Yes, and I want to marry you too."

I am so glad he kept it short and sweet, because I was already in tears by the time he knelt. The rest is a blur - partially because of how ecstatic I was, but also partially because the welling in my eyes turned into a flood of joyful tears. The mountains are where I grew up, fell in love, and said "yes" to forever with my best friend. They are so special to us.